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xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access

Improve detection of low-frequency variants

The unique molecular identifier sequence present in xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access enables detection of low-frequency variants and helps with de-duplication of reads during post-sequencing analysis. These adapters include a unique, dual index design that helps to prevent sample misassignment and resolve index hopping. This unique design provides the ability to run the adapter in 3 different schemes: single index, unique dual index, and unique molecular identifier modes.

xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access are designed and optimized for use on Illumina platforms.

  • Improve the detection of low-frequency variants with unique molecular identifiers
  • Prevent sample misassignment with adapter sequences containing 8 bp unique dual indexes
  • Increase sample multiplexing and reduce cost per sample using predesigned indexes optimized for 2- and 4-color Illumina sequencing instruments
  • Achieve high performance hybrid capture when combined with xGen Universal Blockers—TS Mix


xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access

To order, please contact Customer Care using our Help Request Form.

For information about additional custom adapter designs, please see Custom NGS Adapters.

xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access (Figure 1) are made-to-order adapters available in tubes and plates. Each adapter is normalized to 2 nmol and delivered at a concentration of 15 µM in 30 mM HEPES, pH 7.5, 100 mM potassium acetate. These adapters allow up to 384 unique dual index combinations and can be further customized to enable greater levels of multiplexing.

If dilution is required, Nuclease-Free Duplex Buffer (cat # 11-01-03-01) is recommended.

xGen Dual Index UMI Adapter

Figure 1. xGen Dual Index UMI Adapter.

NGS Tech Access program

IDT is committed to providing our customers with high performance products for researchers working on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. The NGS Tech Access program at IDT is intended to accelerate innovation by enabling earlier access to our most advanced genomics tools. However, Tech Access products are not functionally QC-tested, so no certificates of analysis are available. These products are particularly well suited to experienced researchers who require the most up-to-date technology to unlock new discoveries.