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IDT launches xGen™ Exome Hyb Panel v2

Jan 23, 2020
New panel improves results and reduces price barriers in exome sequencing

xGen Exome Research Panel v2

CORALVILLE, IA (January 23, 2020) – Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a leading comprehensive genomics solutions provider, has launched its xGen™ Exome Hyb Panel v2 — delivering reliable coverage of the exome at a fraction of the cost. The new panel builds on the consistency of IDT’s extremely popular xGen™ Exome Research Panel v1 with updated content that meets ISO 13485 standards. Thanks to IDT’s 30 years of synthesis innovation and commitment to quality, the xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2 was designed to increase sequencing coverage, consistency, and reliability. 
The xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2 serves wide-ranging applications such as population studies, rare disease research, and oncology research, delivering improved on-target rates and uniformity with increased sample coverage. The panel content has been updated using up-to-date exome reference sequences combined with IDT’s proprietary bioinformatics design pipeline, providing even and extensive coverage of expertly curated content. 
An important benefit for researchers is that all of the xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2 probes were manufactured from one large synthesis lot. A single synthesis event for all of the probes offers reliable results and avoids expensive lot-to-lot revalidations. In contrast, array-based panels vary in content and results from lot-to-lot because they are produced on a small scale, requiring researchers to constantly revalidate products at considerable cost and risk potentially inconsistent results.  
Trey Martin, President of IDT commented, “We’re really excited to be launching the xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2, which reduces performance and price barriers in exome sequencing. IDT is the only company with the experience and capability to synthesize this quantity of material in a single lot, providing researchers with reliable exome coverage without the lot-dependent dropouts common to array-based platforms. The fact that researchers can rely on material from one synthesis lot without having to revalidate is key to saving time, money, and getting the all-important consistency and reproducible results.” 
IDT is capable of manufacturing this quantity of material in a single synthesis event — literally tens of millions of samples — supporting research programs for years with reliability and competitive pricing. All of the 415,115 probes in the xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2 are individually synthesized on IDT’s newest platform, Gemini, which is the company’s sixth-generation synthesis platform. The probes go through individual quality control by ESI-MS, quantification, and are pooled, ensuring quality and consistent formulation.  
IDT also recognizes that exome solutions are not one-size-fits-all and offers a spectrum of customization options. Researchers often need to add custom content for important locations outside coding regions, such as promoters, intronic SNPs, and more. IDT can help researchers add custom content to the exome using xGen Custom Hyb Panels - Accel for pilot studies, plus IDT can build and inventory custom exome panels using xGen Custom Hyb Panels - Production should customers need ISO 13485 manufacturing.  
A recent partnership with SOPHiA GENETICS leverages the power of the xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2. By combining SOPHiA’s sophisticated tools to assist with data analysis and interpretation along with the new panel, labs now have access to an end-to-end solution. This partnership is key for clinical researchers on the precision medicine journey.  
IDT’s xGen Exome Hyb Panel v2 is cost-effective with a retail price of $8 per sample, representing a >50% reduction in cost over v1 of the Panel, which is the result of efficiencies delivered from the new Gemini synthesis platform.  
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