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Alt-R™ CRISPR HDR Design Tool

A complete solution for high HDR rates based on wet bench testing and customer validation

Design and order HDR donor templates and associated Cas9 guide RNAs for genome editing of human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, or C. elegans targets.

  • Better donor template design and Cas9 guide RNA selection
  • Flexible input and design parameters
  • High HDR rates with Alt-R HDR Donor Oligos

Research-friendly UX

The Alt-R HDR Design Tool provides exceptional flexibility for seamless homology directed repair (HDR) design.

  • Multiple input formats (gene name, accession number, genomic coordinates, sequence in FASTA format)
  • Multiple species (human, mouse, rat, zebra fish, and C. elegans)
  • Insertion, deletion, SNP, and amino acid mutations
  • Silent mutation and custom tag addition
  • Wild type/HiFi Cas9 or nickase designs
  • Single or multiple design entry
Alt-R CRISPR HDR Design Tool Screenshot

Streamlined CRISPR-Cas9 HDR with an intelligent and easy-to-use design tool

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Flexible input
Optimized template design
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High HDR rates

Using electroporation, integration rate we observed with an IDT’s Alt-R HDR donor oligo was significantly higher than integration rate obtained with the unmodified ssODN donor in mouse early embryos.

Prof. Izuho Hatada
Genome Science Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation
Gunma University