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Large-scale synthesis

  • Obtain high purity DNA and RNA oligos in bulk quantities with competitive pricing and turnaround times
  • Consult and collaborate with our experts to determine the best solutions for your projects from pilot to commercial-scale production
  • Focus on commercialization efforts and allow us to manufacture to your exact specifications with custom QC, processing, and documentation

Manufacturing capabilities

Numerous collaborations with our customers have enabled us to optimize our manufacturing processes and platforms for bulk synthesis of various types of oligos. Our large-scale capabilities range from standard, unmodified oligos to highly complex oligos for in vivo, high-throughput, diagnostic, and other commercial applications. You can acquire milligram to gram quantities of highly pure nucleic acids, including aptamers, ribozymes, miRNAs and siRNAs, next generation sequencing adapters, PCR primers, and dual-labelled probes.

Additional features of our large-scale offerings include:

  • Final yields from 25 mg to 10 g
  • Standard DNA and RNA bases, modified bases, chemical modifications, linkers, and fluorophores
  • Quick turnaround times with delivery in as few as 10 business days

Additional services

In addition to using industry-leading oligos, when you work with our team of large-scale experts you will benefit from a variety of personalized services. These include:

  • Confidential, application-specific guidance for your transition from small- to large-scale production
  • Flexible ordering methods
  • Custom purification options and purity specifications
  • Formulation services for the creation of oligo pools, primer mixes, assays, and duplexes
  • Custom vialing and plating options with consistent or variable fill sizes
  • Verification and release of product compliance before shipment
  • Hard-copy analytical QC documentation and certificates of analysis

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Our GMP products and services satisfy the elevated quality and documentation requirements of clinical and molecular diagnostic applications. To learn more about our GMP capabilities, click here.