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Integrated DNA Technologies Expands Customization Options for Alt-R™ Custom CRISPR gRNA Libraries for Drug Discovery

Sep 13, 2022
Highly customizable synthetic guide RNA (gRNA) libraries, coupled with established CRISPR expertise and support, enables researchers to quickly screen for new drug candidates

CORALVILLE, Iowa — (Sept. 13, 2022) — Bolstering its commitment to providing researchers with powerful tools to discover more about biology and advance medicine, global genomics solutions provider Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is expanding access to its customization options for the Alt-R™ Custom CRISPR gRNA Libraries. 

Designed to help accelerate high-throughput drug discovery and functional genomics projects, IDT’s CRISPR gRNA libraries offer dozens of custom design and formulation combinations to provide customers with enhanced CRISPR screening solutions. The custom arrayed synthetic gRNA libraries are chemically modified on IDT’s proprietary, high-fidelity RNA synthesis manufacturing platform with dedicated support from a team of CRISPR specialists who provide support to customers in the design-through-analysis phases of their early CRISPR screening experiments.  

“With CRISPR screening emerging as a productive and promising tool for drug discovery, our goal for widening access to our customization offerings was to leverage our decades of experience creating high-quality RNAs to enable a broader range of researchers to accelerate their drug discovery projects and isolate critical targets sooner,” said Mark Behlke, chief scientific officer at Integrated DNA Technologies. “The customization we offer underscores our 35-year history of equipping researchers with the right tools when they need them. Through collaborations that we have built with leading researchers, along with our own experience building a wide variety of libraries and deep bench of CRISPR experts, we believe customers can rely on IDT for all their needs across the CRISPR modification pipeline.” 

CRISPR Library Customizations to Fit a Variety of Drug Discovery Projects   

IDT’s Alt-R Custom CRISPR gRNA libraries are available for all CRISPR nucleases, including Cas9, Cas12a, Cas13, prime editing enzymes, and other alternative systems. Libraries are available in a range of sizes and plate formats that integrate with a variety of automation platforms. Customization options and other product benefits include: 

  • Design: predesigned, custom, or user-provided 
  • High yield: 0.5 nmol, 2 nmol, and custom normalized deliverables 
  • Cas9 gRNA formats: 2-part crRNA:tracrRNA complex and sgRNA 
  • Length: 30-150 nt 
  • Chemical modifications 
  • Formulation options 
  • Automation-friendly formats  
  • End-to-end workflow solutions  
  • And more
Accelerating the Pace of Genome Editing Research 

IDT’s CRISPR gRNA libraries are used by leading biotech, biopharma research labs and academic research centers to aid in the discovery and development of new drug targets. They also serve as a foundational component in a new, cutting-edge human phenome project that is leveraging more than 100,000 IDT custom CRISPR gRNAs.  

Alt-R™ Custom CRISPR gRNA Libraries are part of IDT’s complete portfolio of Alt-R™ CRISPR genome editing solutions, which are designed to meet the evolving needs of researchers who are continuing to push the field of genome editing forward. Earlier this year, IDT launched Alt-R™ HDR Donor Blocks, an improved solution for increasing homology-directed repair (HDR) rates in large fragment knock-in experiments. In 2021, IDT also launched the rhAmpSeq™ CRISPR Analysis System, an end-to-end solution for characterizing and quantifying the full array of on- and off-target genome editing events in CRISPR research products. IDT’s Alt-R CRISPR portfolio is comprised of solutions to meet researchers’ complete workflow—from design to analysis—to enable greater quality, simplicity, and cost efficiency. 

About IDT 

Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT) develops, manufactures, and markets nucleic acid products for the life sciences industry in the areas of academic and commercial research, agriculture, medical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. IDT has developed proprietary technologies for genomics applications such as next generation sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, synthetic biology, digital PCR, and RNA interference. Through its GMP* services, IDT manufactures products used by scientists researching many forms of cancer and most inherited and infectious diseases. IDT is widely recognized as the industry leader in custom nucleic acid manufacture, serving over 130,000 life sciences researchers. IDT was founded in 1987 and has its manufacturing headquarters in Coralville, Iowa, USA, with additional manufacturing sites in San Diego, California, USA; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Leuven, Belgium; and Singapore. For more information, please visit and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.



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